Cleaning Supply Broker

Cleaning supply manufacturers work tirelessly to create products that make cleaning easier and more efficient. You invest countless hours and resources into formulating effective solutions, testing different ingredients, and perfecting the functionality of your product. However, getting those products onto store shelves and into the hands of consumers can often feel like an insurmountable task. Navigating the complex world of retail distribution, without a dedicated cleaning supply broker, can quickly become overwhelming. Luckily, Align Sales Group is here to simplify the process and help you overcome these challenges.

Cleaning Up Your Strategy

At Align Sales Group, we understand that the cleaning supply market is highly competitive, which is why we're here to provide the personalized attention and strategic guidance you need to succeed. Our team of experts has a deep understanding of the industry, including the latest trends and consumer preferences, allowing us to develop a winning strategy that sets your brand apart from the competition.

As your Midwest cleaning supply broker, we can help you negotiate prices and contracts with retailers, and provide you with the assistance you need to develop your product and packaging appeal to consumers. We have a network of key decision-makers and buyers in stores across the Midwest, allowing you to improve market penetration and brand recognition.

Our expertise extends beyond sales to include marketing strategies, packaging design, and product development. We represent a wide range of cleaning supplies, including:

  • All-Purpose Cleaners

  • Disinfectants

  • Floor Cleaners

  • Glass Cleaners

  • Carpet Cleaners/p>

  • And More

By working with a cleaning supply broker like Align Sales Group, you'll get the time back you need to focus on product development and growth. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you take your brand to new heights!

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